Thursday, February 26, 2015

Skin Raleigh Swag & Consultion

As you all read yesterday, last week I attended Skin Raleigh's press opening. But y'all, there was too much goodness for one post! So, today I want to share my consultation, the fun facts I learned and best of all..... the goodies from my swag bag!

As I said yesterday, my evening started with a sip of bubbly from Rey's Restaurant, a nice tour of the facility and a quick bite.

Bella Monica provided the bites and they were delicious! The Caprese flavors were amazing and the cannolis *sigh*, well they were heavenly! {I'd never had a cannoli before, despite the many episodes of Cake Boss that I've watched, and I literally ate 3 that night! Shhh, don't tell. haha}

After eating, I had the great pleasure of having a consultation with Davis & Pyle team member, Lisa Adams. {She's not pictured below, but I thought this was a great picture of some of their team - and Essense haha.} During my consultation, we addressed my dry skin and slight rosacea and talked about various moisturizers and sunscreens that I can add to my daily routine to help. The consultation was so calm and pressure free, I truly felt at home. 

Here are a couple of fun facts that I learned!

Are botox and fillers the same thing?
No, that is a common misconception. Botox is an injection that relaxes the muscle causing the wrinkle. Fillers are injections that add volume to smooth wrinkles. 

Where do you get botox and where do you get fillers?
Typically for the face, the rule of thumb is from just below the eyes and up you get botox, and from just below the eyes down you get fillers. (Ex: Crows feet around the eyes = botox. Frown lines = fillers) Obviously, it varies from person to person, though!

How did Skin Raleigh get started?
Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery has been in business for years now, but recently saw a need in the market for a company to provide both plastic surgery and skincare services. "We had customers coming to us to get a breast augmentation and then asking us where to go for facial or med spa treatments and we started thinking, why don't just we do all of it?" - Dr. Pyle

OK, on to the good stuff.... The swag!! Want to know what I got? Just take a look!
Revolution Studios - A complementary session card 
SkinCeuticals - Post-injectable trial system 
Latisse - Professional sample
Salon Blue - A bunch of hair care product samples by Redkin and Pureology

Ecoaccents - Pineapple printed clutch {so cute!}
Diamonds Direct Crabtree - Jewelry travel case & one person {boho chic cafe} won a $100 gift certificate!!
Eschelon Experiences - Dining coupon
New Beauty Magazine
Modern Enhancements Salon & Day Spa - Bath beads and some coupons 
Bird & Beau - Shopping coupon
Plum Hair Atelier - Arrojo brand shampoo and conditioner samples
Blown Away Blow Dry Bar - Caviar brand shampoo and conditioner samples
Skin Sense Day Spa - Soaking bath salts 
Dress - Coupon for my next shopping trip 
Kings Bowling - Dining coupon
Eau Thermale Avene - Sample RetrinAl prodcuts 


Skin Raleigh - $400 to try any Merz's stellar anti-aging products

I told you there were a lot of goodies! Thank you so much to all of the vendors and sponsors and thank you to Skin Raleigh for inviting me. I am so incredibly honored that I was able to attend and I will definitely be visiting again soon!


  1. Looks like so much fun!! I work for a facial plastic surgeon it's amazing what botox fillers and good skin care can do!!! :)

    Dimples of Dixie
    Dimples of Dixie

    1. It was great! Oh how cool!! Thanks for stopping by, Emily.

  2. I was so impressed with the swag bag! Some really great stuff!!


  3. Such a great post, love this! Wishing you a happy Thursday! xo


    Evolution of Glam

  4. Was SO great meeting you - you're such a cutie pie!

  5. Love all of these snaps! What a great event!


  6. It looks like you had a blast!
    Xo Miss Erin
    See what I have to say at:

  7. This looks like it was a fantastic event! I've never heard of Skin Raleigh but it seems great :) Those champagne bottles are too cute, by the way!

    xo, Dolce //
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  8. Okay now I want some of that cannoli!!



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