Monday, January 19, 2015

Born Pretty Store Lipstick Review


As I am sure you can tell from some of my most recent posts, I have gotten very fond of brightly colored lipsticks lately. So today I wanted to review one of my new go-to lip products.

Born Pretty’s Almonds Oil Natural Cream Moisture Gloss Lipstick in Color #1 

On a scale of Jazz Dance Performer to Chalky Mess (which yes, I feel like is the perfect scale for lipstick shine) this lipstick falls perfectly in the middle. Although I typically tend to lean more towards matte lip finishes, this one has definitely won me over.  It has the most amazing, delicate sheen! The finish picks up the light perfectly, but at the same time, doesn’t make you feel overly done up.
     Rating: 5/5 

This is something Born Pretty stresses a lot with relation to this product and I extremely happy with the amount of moisturizing this lipstick provides. Generally, when applying lipstick, I apply a moisturizing finish separately. I wore this lipstick all day and didn’t apply a single layer of lip balm.
     Rating: 5/5 

Color Accuracy: 
Especially when shopping online, it can be difficult to ensure color accuracy for lipstick. Countless times, I have purchased a lip product, either online or in closed packaging, and found that the color shown is quite different from what the product looks like once applied. This was not the case with this product. The color shown on the screen was extremely close to what the applied product looked like.
     Rating: 5/5 

When I first applied this lipstick, I was surprised by how lightly it went on. Compared to the lipsticks that go on heavily, though, I quite like it! Instead of applying and trying to evenly dab off what you don’t want, you can build it to the coverage of you choice. I can see how other people might not be as fond of this,  but I like the fact that I am in control of the amount being applied.
     Rating: 4/5 

Long wear: 
This is one of the things that I look for most in a lip product. Will I have to reapply all day? With this product, the answer is no. I applied Born Pretty’s Almonds Oil lipstick around noon and wore it for the rest of the day. An hour after applying, I drank a coffee and there was practically no transfer to the lid! The longer I wore it, the more I liked it!
     Rating: 5/5 

I am ecstatic over this product! It has a soft sheen that is perfect for both shiny and matte lipstick lovers alike. It has moisture and coverage that lasts for hours and a pigmentation that lets you build and apply to your heart’s content. Best of all, though? The price!! At $4.26, this lipstick comes in lower than most drug store brands. Plus, it’s on sale right now for only $2.56!!

Grab yours today and use coupon code: SRAH10 for 10% off of your purchase!


  1. Such an amazing shade on you!! Perfection review too :)

    Sugar & Something

  2. This lipstick color is so pretty on you!! and I love those earrings!


  3. What a cute post. The breakdown is most helpful even though the particular color isn't suitable for me. Thanks for sharing. (new post)



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