Monday, February 29, 2016

Brunette to Blonde: At Home Tutorial {My first video is LIVE!}

Eek!! I am SO excited because today, I am doing something very different... I am releasing my FIRST EVER VIDEO TUTORIAL!! {I'm only a little hyped about it, in case you can't tell haha.}

For those of you that have been following me on Snapchat (@frilltho) you know that I've been contemplating coloring my own hair for a couple of weeks now. It's the ultimate dilemma; do you pay a fortune to know it will turn out right. or do you try it yourself but risk turning your hair orange?

Whelp. I'm a cheapo when it comes to beauty maintenance and am incredibly stubborn. (If I get an idea in my head, there's nothing anyone can say to make me change my mind.) Plus I love a good challenge! So, I decided to go for it! (At the very least it would make for entertaining content right?!)  
I have to say, I think it turned out great! Why don't you take a look for yourself and let me know!?

Products used:

Ion Color Brilliance Crème in 10G:
Ion Color Brilliance Crème in 8N:
Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Developer:

Color Charm 20 Volume Developer:
Wella Color Charm #T18 Lightest Ash Blonde:
Ion Color Defense After-Color Sealer:
^^ I was able to get a small packet in store for much cheaper.

Thanks for watching! I plan on doing more vlogs soon!


  1. It turned out awesome! You are way more brave than I am lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. OMG! Congrats! Your video turned out so nice! Love the new hair color! Stunning, babe!
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. Love this! I don't think I could go fully blonde but I am so happy you have more guts than me! Looks so beautiful on you! I don't think I would have the same effect! Happy Monday!



  4. Your hair came out awesome, and you look fabulous as a blonde and a brunette!
    Green Fashionista

  5. You look beautiful in any hair color. Love that you made a tutorial. I know that I've done hair coloring at home and for me I always end up with a reddish tint. You did a fab job.

  6. You look great! I wish my hair looked half as great as your's does.

  7. your hair looks great! I am just too scared to do mine at home :( I totally wish I could because I am so tired of that price tag of getting it done!

  8. You have gorgeous hair!! Such a great tutorial.

    xx Chelsea

  9. Your hair looks SO cute!!
    Love love love it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  10. Oh my goodness! Your hair looks amazing!

  11. Congratulations on your first tutorial!!! Your hair looks amazing, you did such a good job!

    La Belle Sirene

  12. You look amazing in both colors but really loving the blonde!

  13. I love these products, thanks for sharing! DIY hair-coloring can be intimidating sometimes, but you did very well! XOXO

  14. Your video is awesome!! Your hair looks stunning!


  15. You're pretty brave for trying at-home color! I love the carmel tones!

    XO, Oksana |

  16. Your hair looks awesome! Definitely looks like it was done my a professional salon!


  17. Your hair looks so awesome and pretty! :-)


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  18. Your hair looks amazing. Brown to blonde is difficult but you did it. I'm really impressed you did this yourself.

  19. Love the idea of doing it yourself, it looks gorgeous on you too! Anything to ball on a budget for mexico!

  20. what a fun tutorial, your hair is amazing! I wish I was that brave, but I really don't do much with my hair!

  21. Wow your hair looks amazing! I'm always so scared to do my hair at home because i think it doesn't come at as well, but your hair definitely blows that out of the water.

  22. What a great idea for a video tutorial! I used to color my hair at home all the time, and would have totally benefited from this! And your hair looks fabulous, great job.



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