Thursday, October 29, 2015

Floral Fall Romper



^^ She was NOT wanting to participate in the photo shoot haha... not happy.






Romper: Billabong c/o // Shoes: Old {Almost identical for only $32 here, 
also loving these bow ones!} // Bag: purchased at market {similar}
Small Necklace: Rocksbox c/o // Monogram Necklace: M&L via Frill

Well guys, it's official. My summer tan is gone. Although I love these pictures and the lighting is perfect, it is now completely apparent that I'm pale again. You know what, though, I'm OK with that! The older I get, the more I appreciate having healthy skin that's been protected from sun damage.
{Ok, I'm done being a grandma now.}

Floral prints are really in this year, but finding the perfect one - that has just the right print and coloring - can be so hard! That's way I was ecstatic to find this romper in Billabong's new arrivals. Not only does it have all of that, but it also has the most amazing fit! The way it flows make it look like a dress and I love that! Plus, it's easily paired with a cardigan {I styled it with this one} when it gets a little cooler.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Wear a Midi Dress: Cali Chic







Dress: Billabong c/o // Top: Forever 21 {old, similar here $20 & here $14}
Shoes: Aldo {similar here & here // Necklace: M&L via Frill // 
Earrings: Frill // Hair: Parlor Dry Bar

Let me tell you guys, these Billabong new arrivals are speaking to my heart! They are fierce, but can easily be styled multiple ways. That's why I am obsessing over this ribbed, bodycon midi dress - Not only is it chic, but it can be styled in countless fabulous ways! Yesterday I showed how to style this dress in a preppy glam way that was perfect for work or date night. Today, though, I took a little inspo from Cali and dressed it down and... dare I say it... I think I might even like this styled version better!! It's so different from how I normally style things, but it's so effortless and cool. I have definitely found my new go-to look for this season! Are you ready to rock the midi now?

Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Wear a Midi Dress: Preppy Glam






Midi Dress: Billabong c/o // Sweater: H&M {sold out in pink, similar here}
Clutch: gift  // Pumps: BCBG {also loving these} 
Earrings: local boutique {similar}
Hair: Parlor Dry Bar

Being as short as I am, midi dresses can be extremely difficult to pull of. If they are just a little too loose or a little too long, it's game over. Not only do they look bad, but they normally make me look even shorter! {How is that even possible?!} 

As I was scrolling through Billabong's new arrivals, though, this midi caught my eye! It's the perfect length and the perfect shape. It fits well to the body and is made out of a ribbed fabric so it can be dressed up or dressed down. With this in mind, I decided to do a two part series on how to style bodycon midi dresses. This is my "preppy" version. By pairing the dress with a cropped sweater, sophisticated pumps and delicate accessories, this look is perfect for a dinner date! Don't you agree? Check back to see how I dress it down!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Simple Swing Dress





Dress: Frill {similar here, here and here all for under $20! Loving this one too!}
Scarf: Old Navy // Shoes: Aldo {similar here & here
Sunnies: Vestique // Earrings: Happiness Boutique c/o

Just a quick post today y'all, because I just got back from the NC State Fair and I am exhausted!! I LOVE the fair and literally look forward to it {to the point that I keep track with a count down} every year. It's my favorite!! When I go to the state fair, these are my musts...

To Eat
Turkey leg
Cheese steak 
Blooming onion
Fried Oreo's
Funnel cake
{Don't worry we normally all get these things and then share.} 

To Ride {Ride's are my favorite! I know they are sketchy but I'm obsessed!}
The Skydiver 
The Delusion
The Zipper
{Really anything that spins and or flips!}

What do you guys do at the state fair? When does yours come to town? Are you obsessed with it too?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Simple Fall Layers







Hat: Charming Charlies {similar here in green} // Top: J.Crew Factory {$17}
Jeans: H&M {similar} // Blanket Scarf: Old Navy {similar here & here}
Heels: Michael Antonio Lamiss {only $17!!}

I don't know about where you guys are located, but around here it's about 40 degrees in the morning and gets close to 70 by late afternoon. Talk about hard to dress for!! A good blanket scarf can make all of the difference, though! You know, the ones that are literally almost the size of a blanket and are made in a flannel-like material!? They can act like a wrap/second layer in the morning and a fun accent toward the end of the day! Even better news... Now even the more affordable companies are starting to carry the cute, high quality ones! Target and Old Navy, for example, have some prime time ones right now! {Personal experience note, there's even more in store - hence the above - than are shown online!} So blanket scarf shop your hearts out, loves!   

Monday, October 19, 2015

Blogging Etiquette: 5 Rules for Bloggers

I've been blogging for a couple of years now and I finally feel like I've gotten to a point where I pretty well have got it down. It's taken a while to get to this point, though, so I figured I'd cut to the chase and make it easier for the rest of you! You can all learn of the to-do items as you grow, but they hardest ones to learn are the ones that are pretty well unspoken. SO pen to paper, here we go. 

{Disclaimer. I am may step on some toes, but someone needs to say them.}

1) Comment Back
When I was new to blogging I learned that commenting on other blogs was one of the easiest ways to increase traffic and it's true! It does work dramatically, but it's also common courtesy to return the favor. Sure once you get to a certain point that may be unrealistic, but in general, just do it. It will take all of two minutes and it will make that person so happy!

2) Show Up
Blogger events don't happen all that often. So when someone goes out of their way to plan them, try to be there. They only take up a little time {like 3 hours a month} but they can be a great way of showing your support of one another and can provide great opportunities for cross promotion and growth!   

3) Tag When It's Appropriate 
That said, blogger events typically don't draw as big of a turn out as you'd think. So if you attend you need to tag two things. One, the host. Often there is a business that is hosting the event and although they are doing it out of the kindness of their heart, they are also doing it for exposure. Show some love and give them a shout out. Two, the people that attended. Especially if you are sharing group pictures from the event, show some support of the people that actually showed up and link up with them. It will just make traffic better for all of you!

Now we are getting into the ones that make me a little feisty.  

4) Cite & Cite Correctly
As bloggers, we all work incredibly hard to create beautiful, original content. We pour our hearts into it in the hopes that our readers will love it. Unfortunately, though, sometimes other people love it just as much or realize the traffic that it is driving and want to use it for themselves. Here's the deal... That is completely fine... AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT YOUR SOURCE!! Make sure to trace the image to it's original publication site and to credit accordingly on ALL social media outlets. {The easiest way to do it? Use a hyperlinked "via" under blog images and "photo cred: -----" or "Photo thanks to ----" on social media.} Be sure to note, y'all, sometimes this isn't just etiquette, you could get into copyright issues if you're not careful! Always link your source!  

5) Do Not Use Affiliate Links on Other People's Images
This one is my biggest rule and let it be known... I will throw down for this one. Nothing makes me angrier than when someone uses another person's image, doesn't credit it/link it back and then tries to use affiliate links to make money off of it. Like are kidding me?! Not only are you going to steal the content, but you are also going to try to use it for you're own profit!? This is a HUGE problem on Pinterest right now and it has got to stop. If a non-original image is posted on either your site or Pinterest, it needs to link back to the original post!

Don't get me wrong, we can't make everyone do what they "should" but it all starts with each of us.

Thanks for reading, loves! I hope you have a great start to your week!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Apple Picking Date










Top: JC Penney {old, similar here & also loving the dress version!}
Sweater: J.Crew {loving this striped version!} // Jeans: Uniqlo
Boots: Boutique buy {similar here & loving this over the knee version for $15!}

I'm not going to lie, I didn't know apple picking was something the public could do until I read about it on another blogger's site recently. {I mean yes, it makes since and all, but I'd never heard about it in the Triangle-area of North Carolina until then.} So, when I realized that there was an apple orchard not too far from me, I was dead set on going! Naturally though, as soon as I decided to go it then rained for three weeks straight, but finally this weekend, on closing day we made it! Bry and I went to Millstone Creek Orchards and apple picked our hearts out. The best part? The apple crumble we made when we got home!! Top some ice cream with it and you will be in heave, I promise!

Hope you're having a great week!!


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