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Top Raleigh Restaurants & Bars

I absolutely love getting reader requests!! They make me so happy and it's always so fun to hear what everyone is interested in reading! Anyway, I got a request a couple of months ago via email and replied to this reader privately, but I loved the question so much I wanted to share it with you guys!

Reader: My best friend is getting married in Raleigh and as her MOH, I'm faced with the somewhat daunting task of planning her bachelorette weekend in a city that I've never visited before! I was wondering if you might be able to give me some of your favorites for dinner & brunch and maybe a few spots to go out - your Raleigh faves!

Below are my suggestions! Warning - this is a novel - I pride myself on being a very thorough individual. Sorry!!
Brunch Recommendations:
  • Tupelo Honey Cafe - This is a fairly small southern chain and their brunch is AMAZING!! They've got good sangria, a more southern version of a Bloody Mary (complete with bacon and moonshine) and mimosas, of course. They are a little pricey, but extremely tasty. (I love their patio area and I typically get either the Smoked Jalapeno Fried Egg BLT, although you really can't go wrong with anything.) They are always packed on the weekend, so if you want to check it out, I would definitely make a reservation. **Reservations can be made here, but have to be done a day or more in advance.** 
 (photo via Tupelo's Insta)
  • Coquette - I've actually never been to this one, but it's in a very trendy area and everyone is raving about it! Apparently their brunch is to-die-for and you can always shop at the local boutiques if there is a wait.
  • La Farm - This one is in Cary (about 15 minutes from Raleigh) and they don't have booze, but it's a great hangover solution if you want something more calm. It's food is delish and they serve their best piece all day long so you don't have to hurry to get out of bed. (These are important things to know, for a bachelorette party, right?!) I normally get the Croque Madame and literally get cravings for it when it's been too long since I last had it.
  (Photo via La Farm's Instagram, repost from Charleston Wine and Food)

Going Out Recommendations/Dinner Recommendations:
(Ranked by level of ratchetness - starting with the least and working up to the most crazy.)
  • Fox Liquor Bar - This place is pretty classy and a great place to start the night. Their drinks are strong, but extremely well made. (I normally get the Marie Antoinette or the Grapefruit Collins.) It will get you a nice little buzz going and the atmosphere is really cool - the couches are perfect for sitting around and gossiping. Plus, fun fact, they have their own specialized ice machine to make their drinks perfect!

 (A little screenshot of their menu)

  • The Hive -  (The upstairs of the "Busy Bee Cafe") Their signature cocktail is one of my favorite drinks in Raleigh! It's called the stinger and it's basically a mojito made with cilantro and jalapenos. If you like spicy things and you like mojitos, you will love this! -- This place has a great outdoor patio and pretty good food so it's a great dinner option also. 
  • The Raleigh Times - This place has pretty good food and is a huge location, so seating shouldn't be too bad. It picks up as a bar around 10. I don't particularly like it, just because they don't normally have music or anything so I find it kind of boring, but it's a cool place to pregame/chill. It's really laid back, but gets packed at night.  They normally have a rotating menu of specials, extremely fresh and super tasty.
  • The Architect Bar - Love this place. This is a good step between pregame and getting rowdy. (Their website looks really lame, but it's a cool spot.) They normally have a great dj and dancing! Plus, they have a speak easy inside that you have to text to get into. (I've never been in it, but the fact that they open a bookcase to let you in is baller.)
(Photo cred here)
  • Capital City Tavern - This place is my jam. Once you get to the right level and are ready to get your dance on, this is the place to be. The dj is great (he plays a mix of old school jams and new stuff - aka the power fist dance move is very strong)! It gets packed, though, so you have to be willing to elbow some peeps. It gets ratched up in here.
Other Dinner Recommendations
  • Tupelo Honey -If you don't make it here for brunch, definitely try to make it for dinner. It's southern cooking with a twist.
  • Beasley's - This is a very trendy restaurant. It's all based around fried chicken and everything is served a la carte. One of their most well known plates is chicken and waffles with honey.  
  • The Pit - Raleigh's best barbecue!! It's so tasty!
  • Mia Francesca's - Amazing Italian food!! Literally you can't go wrong with anything on their menu. If you go, you have to try their canolis for desert. 
Huge shout out to this reader! This was such a fun request and I hope you, your bride and your fellow 'maids had a blast!

If anyone else has any requests/ideas for content, please let me know!! I am all ears!


  1. These spots all look lovely, definitely want to try a few if I'm ever in the area :)

  2. Girl we need to go out together sometime! I go to the architect, the hive, and capitol city with my bf all the time! A lot of my friends love going to Raleigh times but I don't understand the excitement of sitting around with no music either!

  3. You nailed it, all of these places are fabulous and great recommendations! Xo, Stephanie



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