Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Goals: Part 2

Last year's goals were very focused on Frill. So, although I do have some 
personal work goals set, the majority of my goals for this year will be focused on personal growth. Here are my goals for 2015!

Build a name-sake brand
      *Launch a personal website
      *List and promoting styling and speaking services

Build my blog
       *Post 12 times a month, at least
       *Continue to connect with fellow bloggers
       *Organize two more blogger events
       *Become a member of the Southern Blog Society
       *At least double my traffic over the course of the year

Reach out to friends that I haven’t seen since graduation and make time for 
them/travel to see them.

Read devotionals 2 times a week

Become involved in some aspect of church, outside of Sunday services

Travel to at least 3 new places, even if they are in state

Become a local representative for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society and raise a minimum of $1000 for the organization

Take one day each month to paint and be creative

Finish decorating my office (most of the frames still have their filler pictures haha)

Be slower to anger and be more patient

Make time for at least one date night a week, even if it's just cooking dinner together

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