Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life Lately: A Quick Update

Hi All! I am SO sorry that it has been so long since I last posted, but I promise I have a good excuse - I've been extremely busy. Bet you've never heard that one before, right?! Haha. No, but really though, my life over the past month has been crazy! Take a look!

Hosted a Frill trunk show.
We don't host many trunk shows, but when we do, we love to give back to charity. This one supported Autism Speaks!

Designed Frill's look book. 
For Bridal Market, it is imperative that buyers have a way to see how your products look on a body. More importantly, though, it is important for them to see how your products fit into a wedding. So, I pulled images from the three biggest shoots we had this year and designed a picture perfect look book! Instead of doing the typical front/back/side pictures that most clothing companies stick to, we decided to include styled shoots. We not only wanted to not only show people what Frill bridesmaid dresses look like, but wanted to inspire buyers and brides alike! Want to see more? Email Bridal@frillclothing.com to order one today.

Planned other market details. 
Being that this was our first time at market, we wanted to come in strong. So we organized an adorable booth design. (The picture above is the layout of the flowers we chose for our garland. Look below to see the finished product that Eclectic Sage created.)
Travelled to Chicago and NYC for bridal markets. 
These days were packed, so the details about what we did during each of the markets will be their own posts. But for the most part it consisted of turning this...
Into this...

And then deconstructing it again.

Importing orders from all of our amazing new retailers. 
Frill will now be sold in more than 20 bridal boutiques across the country! **Whoop whoop**

Lastly, I've been planning the first Raleigh Bloggers Dinner Club.
I love blogging and there's a ton of amazing bloggers in the Raleigh area, but so far there hasn't been a good way for us to all meet up, collaborate and become friends. So, I've reached out to some of the local life + style + food bloggers and have picked a date for our first event! Want to be a part of it, but haven't heard anything yet? Just shoot me an email - SaraKateStyling(at)yahoo.com. (photo via ThePerfectPalette.com)

Check back in to see what all we did while we were in Chicago and New York! **Hint, there were some celeb sitings and some party festivities**

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bridal Market Outfit

 Top: Frill (available soon!) // Jacket: Zara (sold out, similar here and almost identical here)
Leather Leggings: Forever 21 (last season, similar) // Shoes: Shoe Dazzle (similar)

Sorry I haven't posted lately! Sharon and I have been traveling for work a lot recently and things have been extremely hectic! Just a quick post today before we head back off again! 

The reason we've been out of town is because Sharon and I have been making the bridal market rounds, selling Frill to a bunch of AMAZING bridal boutiques. Last week we were in Chicago and tomorrow we are leaving for New York Bridal Week!

This is what I wore the last day of the Chicago market. (And yes, I wore Frill skirts and dresses for all of the other days! Sorry for the low quality photos, they were taken with an iPhone.) Check back soon to see what else I wore.


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