Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

1. Watch // 2. Boots // 3. Satchel // 4. Pull Over  
5. Cuff Links // 6. Flannel // 7. Sunglasses // 8. Mixers  

It's true, guys can be extremely hard to shop for! In my family, at least, it seems like these the three answers I get most often if I ask a guy what he wants for Christmas.

1) Nothing.
2) (Something completely out of my price range)
3) Some electronic - that they have already ordered for themselves 

So, with holiday shopping now completely underway, I thought it would be fitting to do a post for the men.

When I pick out gifts for guys, I always try to pick items that are fashionable, but also timeless. Since most guys don't go shopping often, you have to make sure that whatever you give them is something they can wear or use for quite a while. Leave the electronics up the men. They know exactly what they want and god forbid that you pick the wrong tv or something. So stick to what you know. Get them clothes or accessories, and make it something timeless.   

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