Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Martha Stewart Weddings Party 2014

This October, Sharon and I attended New York Bridal Market and got to experience the magic of NY Bridal Week first-hand! We had a blast and met a lot of amazing new friends, but my favorite part, by far, was getting to attend the Martha Stewart Weddings Party! Obviously, it was amazing, but this year marks the 20th anniversary of Martha Stewart Weddings, and it was the first year that it was held at an external venue, so it was super special!!

Wish you were there? Check out the images below to see everything the event included. **Hint** At the end, I also reveal the goodies we received! 

(I apologize in advance for the fact that the pictures taken during the event were taken with my iPhone - It wasn't exactly an event to which I wanted to tote a large camera. But the goodie bag pics were taken with my camera!)

Our first stop at the party was the step and repeat. (Can I just point out how on-trend our market boxwood wall was.)

The next stop was the photo booth, provided by Smilebooth. How adorable did our print turn out!? 

After Smilebooth, we stopped by Sugarfina'candy bar and grabbed some tasty, sweet treats. 

Then we went by the Martha Stewart Stationary table and snagged a ton of samples!

Next to the stationary table was an open bar, so naturally, that was our next stop.

Then we walked in the grand ballroom and y'all, let me tell you, it was amazing! There was a make-up station hosted by Bobbi Brown where Sharon and I were both able to get makeovers. 

Flash tattoos had a metallic tattoo station that looked badass, but they were out of the gold tats, so we skipped that station. 

Naturally, the dance floor was our next next stop and the band was amazing. (The SnapChats were so real.)

After dancing, we hit the nail bar, provided by Deborah Lippmann, and got our nails painted gold! We grabbed some amazing food and then headed for the door. 

On the way out we each grabbed a flower. Yes, they gave live plants, courtesy of Debi & Co., to everyone that attended. I mean, why wouldn't they?

We also snagged our Instaprint photo before leaving. Anything that was hashtagged #mswbridalparty from a public Instagram account was printed on location! 

Ok, now for the good stuff... Check out all of my swag, y'all!!!

Box of candy by Sugarfina
Photo booth print out by Smilebooth
Macarons by Laduree 
Feed Bag by Feed Projects 
Orchid & Vase by Debi & Co.
Weep Wipes by Cheree Berry Paper
States of Emergency Kit by Pinch Provisions
Prosecco Sparkling Wine by La Marca 

Want to see more pictures? Visit the Martha Stewart Weddings page and this blog!


  1. What awesome swag! Super jealous of the manicures on site! xo

  2. Wow, that looks like an incredible party!! That is really cool you got to go!
    Melanie @

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