Thursday, July 31, 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Eyelash Extension Review

Huge thanks to Make Up by Ashley!
She did all of our make up in the above pics and did an amazing job!
Here is the link to her Facebook Page!

Hi All! Sorry it's been a while. My computer has been on the brink and has has a mostly black screen for the past couple of weeks. I finally broke down and got a new one yesterday! 

I am so excited about this post, because it's something that I've been talking about for over a month - The truth about Benefit Cosmetics Eyelash Extensions. 

Sharon and I went to California in May and July for some important business meetings and decided bring our A-game by getting fake lashes. Here is my review:

The Lashes 
The lashes themselves, once applied, are amazing!!! With 3 different lengths to choose from, the lashes blend extremely well with your real ones and add a ton of volume! I literally have never felt so beautiful. With the Benefit lashes on, I didn't wear a bit of eye liner or mascara. It wasn't needed, the lashes did it all. (Well until the day of the meeting, pictured above.)
      Rating: 5/5

The Lash Removal 
The lash removal process practically ruined my experience. I was so excited about them and then after about 2 weeks, two of my fake lashes fell out - the ones right in the middle of my eye aka the most obvious ones. So, being the neurotic person that I am, I then had to take all of them off. But none of the Ulta people could tell us how to do it! We visited the store multiple times, but both times we visited, none of the lash/brow professionals were in. So, we resorted to just old fashioned soap and water. Need less to say, it didn't work so well. It hurt and worst of all - It ripped out half of my natural lashes!!!! My eyelids were so bald after wearing them!
       Rating: 1/5

(Side note, we did find out how to take them off afterwards. According to one of the Brow Bar associates, the best way to remove Benefit Cosmetics Eyelash Extensions is simply by using baby oil. They recommended putting baby oil on a q-tip and gently rubbing the glue. Whether that actually works, I am not really sure.)

Overall Review
I am quite torn about this product. The lashes themselves are amazing! I LOVED having the lashes in and I wish I could wear them forever. But that's the downside. If you wear them once, you better be prepared to wear them time and time again, because when you remove them, they will rip out quite a few of your natural lashes. Regardless of that though, I am extremely happy with the lashes so I still give them a high rating.
       Rating: 4/5

(Sorry for all the selfies. I didn't bring my regular camera to Cali and thus didn't take actual pictures.)

What are your experiences with the Benefit lashes? 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Easy Summer Dress

Dress: TJ Maxx (also loving this one) // Shoes: Steve Madden  
Purse: Forever 21 (old, similar here) // Bracelets: J.Crew (similar here) and 
Frill (old, similar here) // Ring: H&M (similar here) // Nails: Gel  

During the summer, I am all about easy dresses. (Ok, maybe I'm always about easy dresses, but during the summer when where constantly running to the pool and beach, they are my absolute essentials!) My favorite pieces are the ones that you can just throw on and go; the pieces that you don't have to think twice about and don't wrinkle easily. Hence, the above. A simple, flowing, summer dress with gold accessories and a comfy pair of wedges! What's your go-to summer style?

Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Vintage Chair Makeover

I purchased this chair a little over a month ago from one of our work neighbors, Simply Put Vintage. In honor of their move, SPV hosted a warehouse sale and I was able to get this steal for only $10! I'd been looking for an office chair with some character, without luck, for over a month and knew that with a little tender love and care, this would be the perfect office addition. So, I tested my luck with this little DIY challenge and am so proud of the result! 

See more of my makeover pics and a step-by-step tutorial below!

Light wood, with scratches in multiple places, 
and a worn blue velvet cushion.

The perfect office throne! 
Gold paint finish with a hot pink, slight sheen cushion. 

Materials needed:
  • Chair (obviously!)
  • 2 yards of fabric (I used this one)
  • Pliers 
  • Martha Stewart Gold Liquid Gilding 
  • Medium paint brush
  • Smal paint brush (if your chair has smaller details, like mine)
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Screwdriver 
  • Scissors 
  • Sandpaper (if the chair was previously painted)
  • Primer may also be needed if the chair was previously painted
  • Gloss finish 

    1) Unscrew the cushion from the chair (and put the screws in a safe place)
     2) Sand down uneven spots
     3) Paint with primer, if needed, and let dry completely (optional)
     4) Shake the Martha Stewart Gold Liquid Gilding well and apply using the necessary brushes.    
         Be sure to paint in the same direction each time and to have a fluid brush stroke. This 
         will help create a nice end result. (I always painted in the direction with the greatest 
         length.) Use a small brush to get in all of the small crevices.    
     5) Let dry completely
     6) Repeat steps 4 & 5
     7) Apply a gloss finish, if desired. (I chose not to, simply because I didn't want it to deminish 
         the gilded look. Some glosses seem to leave a milky color instead of being completely 
         transparent. But there are multiple gloss options to choose from! If you want a gloss 
         coat, just ask on of the professionals while you are at the store.)
     8) Remove the existing fabric from the cushion, using the pliers as needed to remove the 
     9) Unfold the fabric and lay it flat on the new fabric. (Iron the old fabric, if it is too    
         wrinkled.) Use the old fabric as a pattern and trace around it on the new fabric.
     10) Cut out the new fabric
     11) Lay the fabric right side down on the floor and center the cushion, also right side down, 
          in the middle of the fabric.  
     12) Staple new fabric in place, starting with all of the straight edges and then working out to    
          the corners.
     13) Once the frame of the chair has dried, reattach the cushion to the chair using the screws   
          gathered in step 1. 
You're done!!

** For those of you who are wondering, I give the Martha Stewart Gold Liquid Gilding paint a five-star review. It is so perfect and I now use it on everything!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Anchors Away Skirt

Top: Frill Clothing // Skirt: My Mom's! (my Grandma made it for her back in the day) 
Necklace: Moon & Lola // Bracelet: C.Wonder (out of stock, similar here)
 Bag: Prada (also loving this one) // Shoes: J.Crew (old, similar here)

This skirt is literally one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It is so cute and flattering, but more than that, it's been in the family for two generations. I found this skirt in my parent's guest bedroom closet one day and tried it on - and guess what, it fit perfectly! My mom then came in the room and told me that it had been hers when she was younger and that my grandmother had made it. (The hem is hand sewn!) Isn't it just the perfect piece for the 4th!?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Acrylic State Necklace

Dress: Lulu's (sold out, but similar here and here) // Shoes: JC Penney (on sale!!)
State Necklace: Moon & Lola (also love this one) // "K" Necklace: Frill // Bracelet: Moon & Lola 

I love layered necklaces and I have been obsessed with Moon & Lola's "State Necklace" for what seems like forever now. So, when M&L so kindly let us borrow some of their pieces for our most recent Frill shoot, I knew that I had to use the acrylic fave for a blog post before returning the pieces! In this post, I wanted to focus on the dainty pops of color added by Moon and Lola's charms. They're like candy, I wan't to eat them up!! Plus, who doesn't love a little local love and a shout out to their home state?!


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