Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sassy Sunday: Benefit Brow Bar Review

For those of you who get your eyebrows done at the nail salon – STOP! You are living in a fools paradise!

Yes, it's extremely cheap. Yes it's fast. And yes, it is convenient to have your brows done directly after your nail have been painted. But did you know the nail salon could be ruining your eyebrows!?! 

Did you know that brow professionals are supposed to ask you a whole list of questions, prior to waxing, to make sure that your skin won't rip off with the wax!? Did you know that medications you take may impact how the wax affects your skin? Did you know that getting your eye brows done is supposed to take more than five minutes?

Neither did I, until I started going to the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta. I know it seems that it couldn't be that different, but I promise you, it is!

At the Benefit Brow Bar, they not only take their time, but they make sure that your brows are shaped to frame your face, they map them out prior to waxing, and they teach you how to fill them in! 

See the pictures and captions below to see the full process!


Step 1: Using the shape of your face, the brow professional maps out your brows. In doing this, the esthetician is able to show where your brows are supposed to be, and where they need to be waxed. (Intense, I know!)

Step 2: The part that's not so fun - the waxing! Using the mapped out areas as a guide, the brow professional eliminates all excess hair. If it's outside the mapped area, it's gone! 

Step 3: Using the Benefit Brow Zings Brow Kit and the Hard Angle Definer brush, she fills in the brows. She shapes them, adds fullness, etc. 

Step 3: Using a spoolie brush, she then combs through the brows and removes the excess filler. (This makes them look a lot less intense.)

{The end result! Can you tell which one has been filled in? Huge difference, right?!}

I can honestly say that after going to the Benefit Brow Bar, I will never get my eyebrows done anywhere else. Not only do they end up looking great, but they teach you how to do all the filling and shaping yourself! So when I get home, I am confident that I can achieve the same look!

Huge thanks to my girl, Stephanie, at the Cary, NC Ulta! She did a great job, as always! (Check out her perfect brows!)

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out next week's Sassy Sunday post, where I tell it like it is!

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