Friday, April 11, 2014

Taco Tuesday: Pineapple Salsa Tacos

In honor of taco Tuesday, my boyfriend and I made some amazing tacos last night. We grilled jerk chicken, made cilantro rice, piled on some black beens and topped it with homemade pineapple salsa - and let me tell you, it was awesome! (I made mine so big, I had to turn it into a burrito!)

I love all kinds of salsa, but I think this pineapple salsa may just be my favorite. It was the perfect balance of fresh, sweet and spicy. We made a TON of it, and I definitely plan on putting it on a kale salad later. Check out the recipes below:

Pineapple Salsa:
(My boyfriend made up this one, but it's similar to the one found here)

1 whole pineapple
1 red onion
1 large jalapeno
1 lime (squeeze it for the fresh juice)
Fresh Cilantro
Sriracha (just a squeeze, but it adds the perfect kick)

Trust me - if you like salsa, you will love this recipe just as much as I do!

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