Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tights v. Leggings

Ok, so this may not be a topic that you all want to hear, but since it's getting colder, I think it's time that it's addressed:

People, there is a HUGE difference between tights and leggings!

Tights are thin. They are good to wear under dresses (that are long enough to cover more than just your butt cheeks).

(Example: So horrible!!)

Leggings are thicker. They may be worn as pants in the appropriate situation. (Aka: When you are working out or have a long shirt.)

DO NOT get the two confused. Tights should not be worn as pants, that is tacky. Even with this being the case, leggings are not for everyone. When you are wearing leggings as pants, make sure your junk is not hanging out, that is tacky too.
Not meant at all to be mean, just trying to help a fellow fashionista out.

Stay warm and classy!

Sara Kate Styling

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